About - James Beissel


My photography highlights mammals and the ecosystems that they inhabit. Living in Colorado gives me access to a wonderful range of biodiversity, from the eastern grasslands to the high alpine tundra. Through pictures and words, it is my goal to entertain, to educate, and ultimately further the conservation of our native fauna and wild places.

I enjoy and specialize in photographing many species that are often overlooked by mainstream wildlife photographers. Perhaps my favorite subjects of all are the mustelids, or weasel family, which includes bold and cunning carnivores like the black-footed ferret, otters, badgers, and perhaps the most formidable of all, the wolverine.

Beginning in 2012, I began a personal project to document Colorado’s mammalian species. This journey has taken me from one corner of the state to the other and led to many interesting discoveries. Some of the highlights include documenting several of Colorado's rarest species, including the kit fox, American hog-nosed skunk, and northern flying squirrel.

Camera Trap Photography

Camera traps are a way of photographing wildlife using a remote camera triggered by motion detection circuits.  Camera traps have a number of benefits.  They work around the clock without growing tired.  They can be concealed to avoid disturbing sensitive wildlife.  They can also be combined with flashes to photograph nocturnal wildlife.

In order to capture the highest possible quality photos of nocturnal wildlife, I build my own camera traps around Nikon DSLR cameras and various sensors.

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